Alicante, Spain

Alicante, Spain has been inhabited for over 7,000 years and is home to the historic Mediterranean port of Alicante. It is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Spain with the beaches of the Costa Blanca attracting many tourists.

The city also boasts the University of Alicante, which currently enrolls thousands of students, as well as Ciudad de la Luz, one of the largest film studios in Europe.

Alicante is home to a variety of ethnic groups, including those from other European countries, as well as Africa and the Americas.

Mediterranean climate

Enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters, and warm, hot summers with little chance of rain.  Temperatures rarely fall below six degrees Celsius in January and approach 90 degrees Fahrenheit in August.


Alicante’s airport is among the busiest in Spain with connections to many major European cities. Trains allow easy commutes to the suburbs as wells as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.  Inner city travel along the Costa Blanca is also convenient with electric and diesel tram lines available, which also connect to outlying settlements.  Even the Balearic Islands and Algeria can be reached by regular ferry service.

Sites to see…

Tourists should visit the Castle of Santa Barbara and the port of Alicante.  The centuries old castle overlooks the city from Mont Benacantil.

Travelers should also make their way to the promenade Explanda de Espana. This amazing promenade is lined with palm trees and paved with marble tiles allowing for wonderful evening strolls along the waterfront.

The Barrio de la Santa Cruz should not go unvisited as it is the most vibrant portion of the old city, with its narrow streets and creative floral decorations leading through to the panoramic views on the decks of L’Ereta Park and on to the castle.

Tabarca Island, once a home to pirates, is also a beautiful tourist attraction as are the many other venues worthy of visiting on your journey to Alicante, Spain.

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